Colored Shoe Sole Kit – DIY Red Bottom – Slip Resistant Shoe Bottom Cover for Women’s Heels (Red)

Shoe Bottoms colored sole kit use a flexible, glossy, bright red film that, once applied, will transform the look of any high heels. What makes our sole covers unique is the rubberized non-slip coating that we apply to our product. It is a super resilient low profile film unlike anything else. It is textured like sandpaper but soft like rubber, so it won’t scratch your floors. This combination not only helps against slipping and sliding, it protects the cover, as well as your shoe’s sole. It wears just like the normal shoe sole, so it looks and feels like it should be there. It cleans easily and is resilient to oils and other chemicals. SHOES NOT INCLUDED… We don’t sell shoes, we sell products to make your shoes look better. What product other than shoes do you spend hundred or thousands of dollars on, and then literally WALK on them?! How many pairs of shoes do you own that you love, but don’t wear them because you don’t want to ruin them? For most women, shoes are like an investment, and you should protect your investment so you can keep them looking new every time you wear them. Our products will renew your old favorite shoes, and help protect your new favorite ones.

Product Features

  • This kit is applied to the sole of your own heel to change the color and look.
  • Protects the shoe sole from damage with a thin rubberized layer on the area of the sole that comes in contact with the ground. This built in layer is both textured and rubberized to grip more like a tennis shoe instead of the typical smooth bottom of most heels. The rubber is soft enough not to scratch floors, but is also resilient to most oils and other chemicals. It also cleans easily to help keep the bottoms looking new.
  • Covers any damage or imperfections already on the shoes sole. It is flexible and will stretch to conform to the complex curves of most soles.
  • Self adhesive design that will work with virtually any brand shoe in any size (must have a smooth bottom with no texture or suede material). This is a complete installation kit with templates and instructions. Scissors and marker are required.
  • For wedges, flats, protectors, single and multi-packs, see our other items for sale on Amazon.

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